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Hager Happy Morning Disposable Toothbrushes

Happy Morning toothbrushes come pre-pasted with mint toothpaste for quick & easy brushing.Sold p..


Plak Smacker Adult Clear Grip Ultrasoft Brush

With super soft 0.005 Dupont bristles and 47 tufts per brush, the Adult Clear Grip Ultrasoft is ge..


Plak Smacker Adult V-Trim Brush

The Adult V-Trim Toothbrush enables cleaning around orthodontic appliances such as brackets, arch ..


Plak Smacker Dual-Head Rubber Handle Brush

This dynamic Dual-Head Rubber-Handle Toothbrush is a favorite among patients and staff in both den..


Plak Smacker Essentials Orthodontic Kit

This Essentials Orthodontic Kit is packed with supplies to meet all your orthodontic patients’ hom..


Plak Smacker Flexible Cone Shaped Interproximal Brush

This Flexible Cone-Shaped Interproximal Brush is the ideal hygiene tool for patients on the go. Th..


Plak Smacker Kid's Ocean Pals Super Soft Brush (12/Pack)

The Ocean Pals Super Soft Brush is great for children with sensitive teeth and gums, and is an excel..

$8.95 $7.99

Plak Smacker Kid's Suction Cup Brush (12/Pack)

Colorful Kid's Suction Cup Toothbrushes feature a Power Tip with 29 tufts of soft nylon bristles tha..


Plak Smacker Mintburst Prepasted Brush

Even when you forget the toothpaste, these brushes have you covered. Mintburst Prepasted Toothbrus..

$58.10 $54.99

Plak Smacker Teen/Adult E-Curve Brush

This curvy toothbrush features a Power Tip with 45 tufts of soft, highly polished end-rounded bris..

$8.30 $7.99

Plak Smacker Teen/Adult E-Delux Brush

The E-Delux has a comfortable rubber grip handle and a Power Tip with 40 tufts of soft bristles, m..

$8.69 $7.19

Plak Smacker Youth E-Junior Brush

The E-Junior comes in bright, two-tone colors kids will love! The comfortable rubber grip handle mak..