Patient Toothbrushes

Patient Toothbrushes
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Plak Smacker Adult Clear Grip Ultrasoft Brush

With super soft 0.005 Dupont bristles and 47 tufts per brush, the Adult Clear Grip Ultrasoft is ge..


Plak Smacker Adult V-Trim Brush

The Adult V-Trim Toothbrush enables cleaning around orthodontic appliances such as brackets, arch ..


Plak Smacker Dual-Head Rubber Handle Brush

This dynamic Dual-Head Rubber-Handle Toothbrush is a favorite among patients and staff in both den..


Plak Smacker Flexible Cone Shaped Interproximal Brush

This Flexible Cone-Shaped Interproximal Brush is the ideal hygiene tool for patients on the go. Th..


Plak Smacker Kid's Ocean Pals Super Soft Brush (12/Pack)

The Ocean Pals Super Soft Brush is great for children with sensitive teeth and gums, and is an excel..


Plak Smacker Kid's Suction Cup Brush (12/Pack)

Colorful Kid's Suction Cup Toothbrushes feature a Power Tip with 29 tufts of soft nylon bristles tha..


Plak Smacker Teen/Adult E-Curve Brush

This curvy toothbrush features a Power Tip with 45 tufts of soft, highly polished end-rounded bris..


Plak Smacker Youth E-Junior Brush

The E-Junior comes in bright, two-tone colors kids will love! The comfortable rubber grip handle mak..