Facial Tissue

Facial Tissue

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Kleenex Facial Tissue 2-ply 12 pack

Two-ply facial tissue, featuring handsome packaging. The name is synonymous with quality. Premium fe..


Kleenex Facial Tissue 2-ply 36 pack

KLEENEX® Facial Tissue KLEENEX® Tissue offers the ideal tissue performance in facial tissue that com..


Kleenex Facial Tissue Junior

KLEENEX® Facial Tissue delivers premium quality, preferred for superior softness, strength and absor..


White Swan Facial Tissue

Classic quality 2-ply facial tissue. A signal feature highlights when the last 10 tissues remain. Si..


White Swan Quick Wipes 2-ply

Classic quality 2-ply tissue Quick Wipes. Small tissue dimensions are ideal for healthcare wiping ne..